How to Install Additional Presets and LOOKs

Starting with Perfectly Clear Complete version 3, we’ve introduced a flexible way for you to customize Perfectly Clear. We offer two ways for you to change how your software performs. Presets are recipes to help you unlock how the software behaves and LOOKs offer stylized treatment to color to help you quickly give your images a stylized effect. Let’s explore both of these.
Adding Presets
To add a new preset, you have two options; you can install presets from us or install ones that have been created by a user. In both cases, the new presets will be added to the list of available presets in the preset chooser

To add a collection provided by Athentech, makers of Perfectly Clear is simple. At the bottom of the Presets panel, you’ll see a Buy More button. Click this to browse the available presets on our site. Here you can browse and read about different preset packs. You can purchase directly from our website and then follow the installation instructions in the email.

The AppsManager is another way to browse presets as well as install them. You can also purchase directly from the AppsManager. Just click the Buy button and complete the transaction.

From time to time we may also offer free presets through our newsletter and blog. You’ll automatically get our newsletter by being an Athentech customer.

Besides presets from Athentech, you can also import presets easily. You can choose to import a single preset or an entire set. This option is an easy way to move presets between computers like your laptop and desktop or to share with a colleague.

To import a preset, just click the Import Presets button and navigate to an individual preset or group. Select the file and click Open. Individual presets will be imported into a group called Imported Presets, from here you can drag and place them into any user created group. If you import an entire group, then it’s added to your preset library.

Only user-created presets can be shared. The presets from Athentech (including those bought from our website) cannot be shared with others.

The ability to create and export is covered in-depth in the movie “Creating, Organizing and Backing Up Your Presets.” Be sure to watch that to learn more.

Adding LOOKs
To quickly stylize your photos with color grading options or film styles, we’ve added LOOKs to Perfectly Clear. There are a collection of LOOKs included with Perfectly Clear Complete (they’re located at the bottom of the Adjustment panel), but you can add more.

LOOKs, like presets, are sold on our website and through the AppsManager. At the bottom of the Presets panel, you’ll see a Buy More button. Click this to browse the available LOOKs on our site. These are for sale, so you can purchase, download, and install. A truly useful way to install these is the AppsManager. Just launch the AppsManger and scroll down to see other LOOKs. Just choose the sets you’d like to purchase and load.

Once a new set of LOOKs are installed, just relaunch Perfectly Clear. The new LOOKs will be available in the LOOKs section of the Adjustment panel.

Thanks to LOOKs and presets you can both save time and get a customized image that looks great.

Be sure to watch the rest of our video tutorials to understand all your options to enhance images with Perfectly Clear. Thanks for watching.