Perfect Eyes

Perfect Eyes for Photoshop and Lightroom provides eight great presets and precise controls to help you automatically remove dark circles and red-eye,  add catchlights, sharpen details, enhance and even enlarge the eyes. Spend less time editing and have more time behind your camera.

$79 USD
$49 USD


The eyes are the mirror to the soul, and with “Perfect Eyes” your subjects will shine better than ever in your photographs.”Matthew Jordan Smith

Why Use Perfect Eyes?

  • Automatic Adjustments

    Automatic Adjustments

    No time consuming edits! We use advanced face, gender, and age detection to save you time.

  • Professional Presets

    Professional Presets

    Designed with input from top pros to make eyes look their best.

  • Remove Dark Circles

    Remove Dark Circles

    A natural way to preserve the skin but remove unattractive shadows.

  • Add Catchlights

    Add Catchlights

    Choose from five great highlights that you can add to the eye.

  • Remove Squint

    Remove Squint

    Gently open eyes that are squinting or look tired.

  • Plug-in support

    Plug-in support

    Use as a plug-in in Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Corel PaintShop Pro.

Perfect Eyes

$79 USD
$49 USD

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