Perfect Skin

Perfect Skin for Photoshop and Lightroom provides sixteen great presets and precise controls.  You can improve skin tones, remove blemishes, contour faces and whiten teeth. Spend less time editing and have more time behind your camera.

$99 USD
$59 USD


I would never deliver a shoot to a client again before first running it through Perfect Skin. Its ability to create my own presets is a huge time saver!”                         Roberto Valenzuela

Why Use Perfect Skin?

  • Automatic Adjustments

    Automatic Adjustments

    No need to click - we use facial recognition to find and fix skin.

  • Professional Presets

    Professional Presets

    Designed with input from top pros to make skin look its best.

  • Skin Smoothing

    Skin Smoothing

    Enhance the face or whole body with three skin smoothing methods.

  • Skin Toning

    Skin Toning

    Quickly tone the face or whole body with five skin toning options.

  • Blemish Removal

    Blemish Removal

    Remove blemishes quickly without the need to brush each one.

  • Plug-in support

    Plug-in support

    Use as a plug-in in Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Corel PaintShop Pro.

Perfect Skin

$99 USD
$59 USD

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