The Perfect Addition to Ps & Lr
What's unique about Perfectly Clear?
Batch correct thousands of photos?
Automatic Corrections...with ability to adjust
Perfect Exposure
Only Perfectly Clear ensures no washed out colors or clipping and adjusts every pixel independently
Black Point Correction basic basic
Depth is different then contrast, and makes your photos pop and come to life
contrast only contrast only
Skin & Depth Bias
Light Diffusion
Color Restore
Color Fidelity
Tint Correction
Noise Correction manual manual
Red-eye manual manual
Eye Enhance
Eye Enlarge manual
Dark Circle Removal manualPhotoshop is time consuming with manually cloning and healing
Face Contouring manual
Teeth Whitening manual manual
Lip Sharpening manual manual
Skin Smoothing
Blemish Removal manual manual
Infrared Removal
Shine Removal
Skin Toning
Manual Corrections
Image Ambulance
Color Vibrancy
Sky Enhance
Foliage Enhance