Pricing Plans

Number of Presets 7 73
Unique Automatic Corrections you won't find elsewhere:
Perfect Exposure
Face Aware Exposure
Black Point
Depth - High Contrast
Depth - High Definition
Skin & Depth Bias  
Light Diffusion  
Color Restore  
Fidelity - Standard  
Fidelity - Vivid  
Tint Correction
Noise Removal  
Face Selection:  
One-Click Zoom
Show and Adjust Control Points
Manually Add Face
Red-Eye Removal  
Eye Enhance  
Eye Enlarge  
Dark Circles Removal
Face Contouring  
Teeth Whitening
Lip Sharpening  
Perfectly Smooth  
Blemish Removal  
Infrared Removal  
Shine Removal
Skin Toning - White, Pale, Warm, Tan, Foundation, and Custom  
Black & White Film Stocks 3 7
Color Film Stocks 3 7
Color Grades 3 14
Stylized Color 3 14
Ability to purchase LOOKs
Other Corrections:  
Image Ambulance
Neutral Density Filter
Corrective Filters 0 20
Color Vibrancy
Sky & Sunset Enhance  
Foliage Enhace  
Batch Processing:  
Batch Export from Lightroom functionality 5
Number of Images Open at Once 5 Unlimited
Batch Processing  
Ability to Create Custom Presets  
Ability to Import/Export Presets  
Ability to Purchase Professional Presets
Strength Slider
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Run As: A Plug-in for: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Corel Paintshop Pro. An External Editor for: Capture One, Apple Aperture, Apple Photos for Mac.
Supported Images: Raw, JPEG, TIFF, .PNG, .BMP (and any other file that your editing application can open)
Every photographer is different and so are your workflow needs. You're clear on what you need, but not sure what product best fits your editing style. Let's talk about it:
Perfectly Clear

You're an everyday photographer looking for a starting point to master your current workflow. You like things simple and most of all—fast. You need quick and powerful solutions for fixing your most common imaging problems. You like purposeful features when you want them, how you want them, and for however long you need. And you'd like it completely free and easily accessible, forever. Plus you like the ability to add custom presets and LOOKs as you need them for a low cost.

Perfectly Clear Essentials

You’re the jack-of-all-trades photographer. An image-maker whose approach is as versatile as your subjects. You want core editing features at your fingertips, so you can create stunning images no matter what the shoot entails. Your workflow is in need of a standalone application or a plug-in that scientifically perfects exposure, color and details. Something that does the work for you on the days you don't want to. And when your projects grow in size, the option of exploring more robust and creative ways to speed up your editing time. But for now, you want just the essentials.

Perfectly Clear Complete

You're a professional. And your images are your business card. You'd rather spend your time creatively setting up the details of your shoot, then behind the computer. You need advanced, time-saving batch processing features that take hours of creative passion and turns them into brilliantly finished photos within minutes. Your workflow demands a tool that is intelligent enough to automatically correct your biggest photographic challenges, but also offers complete, functional control for your most intricate edits. You want it all—the complete package—and you need it now.