How to update factory AI Scene Detection Presets

There are two ways to update the factory settings in AI Scene Detection. We go over both below.

The quick way

In our latest update (v3.12.1.2080), we’ve made it a lot easier to copy settings you have chosen to one of the factory Scene Detection Presets. Let’s take a look at this process.

In this image, I have selected a photo that is detected as “Posed Portrait”, but I’ve selected a different preset (shown in blue) to apply to this image instead of the settings currently defined by Posed Portrait. Now – I’d like these settings to use used for all Posed Portrait images – and now there’s a quick way to do this.

First, with the new settings applied to the current preview image, click the gear icon, and then Add or Edit Preset:

In the Save preset dialog, first select the ‘AI Scene Detection’ group:

And then select Posed Portrait as the Preset Name:

Then click Save.

Now, when an image is detected as a Posed Portrait scene, the settings you selected will be applied, instead of the default settings associated with Posed Portrait.

You can always undo this action and return to the default settings. Just click the broom icon to sweep away your custom settings and return to default.

Updating factory presets directly in the AI Scene Detection system

Customize the presets while you’re directly in AI Scene Detection to fit your needs. To change a preset while AI Scene Detection is running:

  1. Make any tweaks or changes to the preset you would like while you’re directly in the AI Scene Detection function.
  2. Click the gear icon, then click “add or edit a preset.”
  3. Save!
  4. If you’d like to go back to factory settings on a preset, just click the brush next to the preset.
AI Scene Detection preset tweaking

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