What’s new in QuickServer

Perfectly Clear QuickServer is a brand-new product – and it will be replacing our Perfectly Clear LAB product. This FAQ will compare the two. QuickServer includes a lot of new features, speed and capability:

  1. now has a beautiful front end interface (Perfectly Clear QuickDesk) to it which allows for the following benefits:
    1. Create custom presets inside of product
    2. Visual preview of image corrections
    3. Allow for manual tweaking and approval on difficult images
  2. QuickServer has been re-built from the ground up on modern code
  3. Simpler, more beautiful interface. All options are on a single screen – no need to navigate to various sub-menus, so it’s much faster to work with.
  4. More ways for you to use
    1. now works on Mac
    2. Target Channels allows editing of original files without needing to move files to “IN” folders, then from the “OUT” folder.  This greatly simplifies fitting QuickServer into broader lab workflows with tools like DP2, ROES, DAKIS and others.
  5. It’s up to 30% faster than LAB 5 in image processing.  That means your existing servers will gain substantial additional throughput – without buying new hardware!
  6. New Image Correction Technology
    1. Image Ambulance
    2. Neutral Density
    3. Corrective Filters
    4. Color Vibrancy
    5. Sky Enhance
    6. Foliage Enhance
    7. Graduated Filters
    8. Creative LOOKs
    9. Finishing Tools
  7. New Tools to help you create an efficient workflow:
    1. Visual log monitoring to help spot issues quickly
    2. Target Channels for more workflow integration options
    3. As part of our new platform, updates and licensing are managed through the Apps Manager to ensure you always have quick access to the latest version
  8. Better stability – we’ve designed QuickServer to be tolerant to issues caused by corrupt image files.  Other applications might crash when opening or reading these, but QuickServer will simply skip the file and optionally quarantine it so downstream systems aren’t negatively affected.

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