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EyeQ Announces Highly Anticipated Background Balancing Technology for School Yearbooks

Get better looking books without the effort with Background Balancing

EyeQ, creator of Perfectly Clear automatic image correction, is excited to announce new technology that automatically balances the backgrounds of school portraits to ensure the entire page of a yearbook remains cohesive, consistent, and visually pleasing. Paired with the automatic photo editing and retouching technology of Perfectly Clear, this new patent pending Background Balancing technology has been invented to save time and money while making yearbooks look better than ever. 

“We’ve had numerous companies come to us and say that the number one problem with yearbooks is the distracting backgrounds. Manual correction is very tedious, time consuming, and expensive. Since we’re the experts in automatic image correction, we were asked if we could automate this process, which would make a huge difference in their business,” Brad Malcolm, co-founder and CEO of EyeQ said. “In the end, it’s all about developing new innovations that our clients are looking for, especially something as big as this.” 

Background Balancing is the solution for those not using green screen in school portrait photography. Getting a cohesive background throughout each school portrait is a challenge, even for the most talented photographer. The exposure and color of the background varies from photo to photo and needs to be edited for the yearbook. 


“Traditionally, this is done by editing every photo for color, tone, and light retouching, then reviewing all the images to balance the backgrounds so they all match. This is hugely time consuming, so QuickDesk (our initial implementation of Background Balancing) will do this for you, automatically,” Jeff Stephens, co-founder and CTO explains. “This is a problem our team has been working on for the past year, and we’ve taken a novel approach to solving this and are pleased to be able to introduce this one of a kind solution.”

To see a demo of Background Balancing in action or learn more, please contact Patricia at  

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