How does Background Balancing work?

Background Balancing is a unique, patent-pending innovation that has never been done before!

It works by creating a mask of the foreground (the student) and the background. Then, the following corrections are applied:

  • Perfectly Clear  is applied to the entire image to make the person look great. This is when color and tone will be corrected and the student can be automatically retouched.
  • Background Balancing is a second processing that is applied only to the background. This second processing adjusts the tone and color separately from the person in order to make all the backgrounds similar across the shoot.

This patent-pending technology gathers data from the entire job to influence what background correction each photo will get. 

You can choose to balance the backgrounds based on the average of the total, or base them off a single image. 

Want to see it in action? Contact for a demo!

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