How to Test Auto Crop in Workbench

Step 1: Load Photos

Load photos into Workbench. Photos should contain one person per photo. 

Step 2: Enable Auto Crop

Enable Auto Crop by clicking the crop icon in the right-hand side panel.  

Note: if you do not see any tools in the right-hand side panel, ensure you are in “Edit Mode” at the top of Workbench. 

Step 3: Choose Crop Settings

Choose your desired aspect ratio from the dropdown menu. Then, set the positioning of the crop by adjusting the “Head Size,” “Horizontal,” and “Vertical” sliders or by moving and resizing the box over the photo.

Note: any adjustments you make will automatically apply and save for the current photo. (To reset crop settings to the original image, click “Reset Crop”). 

Step 4: Apply Settings to All Photos

Click “Apply to All” to apply your current settings to all photos. 

Step 5: Make Adjustments 

As you flip through photos, you’ll notice that the crop settings have been applied. If you’d like to tweak the settings of any individual photo, simply adjust the sliders or the box over the image. The settings will automatically apply & save for the current photo.

Step 6: Save Photos

To save your cropped images, click “Save all” in the top right hand corner.  

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