The World Leader in Intelligent
Image Correction

Our award-winning technology automatically corrects over 30 million prints per day, 11 billion per year. Go beyond artificial in photo editing and get real intelligence that breathes life into all your images at one time and in just one step. We’ve spent the last 15 years pioneering automatic batch corrections that mimic the human eye. Here's how we can help your business save time, reduce costs, and increase revenue while delighting your customers.

Service Interface Compute Performance Pricing
HTTP API EyeQ Medium Utility
(per image)
HTTP API Client High Service
(per month)
JavaScript API End-customer High Service
(per month)
Native Mobile Library End-customer Highest Service
(per month)
C Library Client Highest Service
(per month)
Desktop / Server Software High Service
(per seat / month)

How to put Perfectly Clear to work for you:

1. Perfectly Clear Web API

Introducing our new Perfectly Clear cloud-based API

Correct your images TODAY, with Athentech’s latest Perfectly Clear technology in the cloud.

There is no need to install anything on your server or workstation. Our cloud API runs on Amazon’s reliable AWS service, and is ready to scale with you and your business needs.

2. License our Technology

Integrate Perfectly Clear directly into your workflow & products

Licensing gives you the most flexibility. Unlike hosted solutions, we provide you with an engine that you incorporate directly into your products and systems and run locally. Some of our customers run Perfectly Clear automatically in the back-end without the user knowing about it, some show in the front-end interface where the user sees the correction, and others also incorporate into their mobile App. In other words, how and where you implement us is totally up to you, you’re in control!

  • Our SDK is easy and fast to implement (average of 2 days).
  • Available for all platforms: mobile, web, desktop. We have native iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux libraries (can be run as a command line)
  • Small SDK engine that won’t increase the size of your mobile app or desktop download. Perfectly Clear core is only 1 MB for Windows, 5 MB for the other platforms. With Beautify and Face Detection 6 MB for all platforms.
  • View our SDK Docs

Where can you implement the Perfectly Clear SDK?

Back-end workflow

we’re being used by companies on their servers and the cloud, automatically correcting photos before they’re printed


we’re being used in websites (real estate, photo ordering, dating, and more) to make photos look their best

Mobile apps

we’re being used in photo editing and ordering apps

Desktop software

we’re being used in photo ordering, editing, and organizing software


we're being used upfront to show the best images to photos before they choose photos for ordering

OEM directly into cameraphone

we’re in the process of being directly embedded in the capture process

3. Perfectly Clear QuickDesk

Perfectly Clear QuickDesk is for small photo finishers and photographers that want to preview every image. Photos are automatically corrected and displayed in a beautiful and user friendly interface so you can quickly view and approve, or if desired, quickly and easily fine tune.

Quickdesk works both on Windows and Mac, and was designed by photo finishers and professional photographers to ensure it fits seamlessly into your workflow. In addtion, if you'd like fully automatic hotfolder processing without reviewing image-by-image, you can add QuickServer (see below).

Click here to learn more about QuickDesk.

How is QuickDesk different from QuickServer?

QuickDesk available now $149 monthly, or $1,495 annually (USD).

4. Perfectly Clear QuickServer

Perfectly Clear QuickServer is a hot folder solution that runs on your backend server — tirelessly and automatically correcting thousands of photos. And just like any server, it's a tool you set up once and forget. QuickServer just sits there and works.

Quickdesk works both on Windows and Mac, and was designed by photo-finishers and professional photographers to ensure a seamless fit into any workflow.

Click here to learn more about QuickServer.

How is QuickServer different from QuickDesk?