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We want to hear from you so we can resolve the issue! When our app exits unexpectedly, it should show you a dialog to report bugs when you next restart the app.  Note the confirmation code, then send us an email with that code.  We’ll get in touch as soon as we can.

Click here for our Android App Quick Reference Guide. It’s also available within the app, tap the menu icon in the top left) and then click the Help link.

If you encounter Policy Reason 291, 561 or Download Errors 927 and 489, this will help you. It seems there is an issue with the Google Play Store app on your device. Please try this: Go to Settings Select Apps Choose Google Play Store Press Clear data Press Clear cache (re)install Perfectly Clear

Moving and setting the focus or exposure lock points is device-dependent – if the hardware does not support these capabilities, then our app cannot perform these functions. Many popular Samsung devices lack this capability, including the Galaxy S4.

Español – Spanish | Français – French | Deutsch – German | Italiano – Italian | Português – Portuguese | 日本の – Japanese | 한국어 – Korean | Русский – Russian English In KitKat (Android v4.4 and later), Google made a major change to how apps gain access to the SD card.  By default, this […]

If you purchased Perfectly Clear for Android from Google Play.  After installing an update, I’m now seeing a message that says “License Check failed..” or  “Unable to Validate license..” and the app closes.  How do I fix this? This is an issue with the Google Play app cache – it’s our of our control, but […]

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