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Please download this Athentech Mac Uninstall V3 app, and then double-click to uncompress it, then double-click the resulting file to run. It will show a dialog like this: Select the applications you’d like to remove, then click Uninstall.

When you create a custom preset in one plug-in – it will automatically appear in the other! We’ve designed this so your workflow will be streamlined, regardless of which product you are using.

You can install the Perfectly Clear Photoshop or Lightroom Plugin software on 2 computers (any combination of Windows and Mac) To use our Plugins on a second computer, all you need to do is to download the installer on your second computer, install, and use the same license code that we emailed you when you purchased. […]

Detailed requirements are listed here:

You can download and install Perfectly Clear at any time and use your current license key.  The installers we provide work for both trials and fully-licensed use. If you purchased directly from us, we also keep your license key on file, so simply contact one of our customer support gurus and we’ll be happy to further […]

Note: This is for an old version our software  Click here to contact one of our support gurus so we can get you up and running right away! If you’re on Windows, then you can find a log file called PerfectlyClear.log in the folder: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Athentech\Perfectly Clear Plug-in v2 You can find that folder by pasting […]

On Windows systems, there is a limit to the number of characters that the file system can handle with Lightroom – this is not a limitation of Perfectly Clear, but rather a limitation of Windows. To process many images at once, try using Lightroom’s “Export” feature. Mac systems do not have this limitation.

To check what version you have, open the plugin, and click the “About” button, lower left. You can go here and download: Photoshop Version Tracker Lightroom Version Tracker Get the latest Plug-ins here

Check your LR Preferences for presets, and see if they are set to “store with catalog” – if that is checked “yes” then uncheck it, and then you should see Perfectly Clear when you choose “Edit in”.

To use the export function in Lightroom is very simple. It’s the best option for batch processing a large number of images with Perfectly Clear. Using Edit In is good for just a handful of images at a time, but with the Export function in Lightroom you can batch process hundreds of images at once, […]

Perfectly Clear supports jpg, tif and RAW files. For our Photoshop plug-in, we support any 8 and 16 bit RGB image that Photoshop can open. For our Lightroom plug-in, we can edit jpg &  tif directly, and any other format that Lightroom opens by exporting it through Lightroom into a tif or jpg. LUCiD Desktop […]

If you are running into issues activating our plugins on a Mac, the easiest thing to do is to Activate the plugin using our License Manager.  You can find this at Applications -> Athentech Run the Athentech License Manager v2, then select the product you’d like to Activate: Then, just follow the on-screen instructions to […]

Hey Folks! Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the Perfectly Clear Family. You are probably wondering, where is my license key(s) ? No worries, let’s get started. 1. Insert your SD Card 2. Browse to your Removable Disk 3. Click on “Quick Start Guide” (See Ex. below) 4. You will see your License key(s) […]