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We are no longer selling or supporting our LUCiD Desktop product. You can continue to use the LUCiD product you’ve purchased for as long as you like. You can re-install LUCiD Desktop from these links: Windows Mac

When running our products multiple times on one image, this can prevent faces from being detected in the 2nd or later run. Our team of experts are working on finding a solution. In the meantime, we encourage you to use  Eyes and Skin first, and follow with color exposure and details. If you have any other questions, […]

Yes – you can! The easiest way to batch correct a large number of photos is: Open all the photos you want to correct in LUCiD.  You can drag a folder of images into LUCiD, or you can click File -> Open and select the photos you want to correct. Then, select one photo to […]

LUCiD iOS and LUCiD for computers use the same patented Perfectly Clear technology and the same Beautify technology – so no matter where you use LUCiD, you’ll get amazing results.  The iOS app is designed to be fast and fun to use on iPhones and iPads, while LUCiD Desktop runs on Macs, Windows PC’s and Windows […]

Each Preset controls the Adjustment amount of all the sliders you see on the Adjust tab.  So, instead of applying multiple presets, you can simply add the best of each preset together. For example, if you have a portrait or selfie that was taken in low light, you might want to apply the Beautify preset […]

No, at this time LUCiD does not allow the creation or use of custom presets.  Our Plug-ins do allow that added capability.

LUCiD is built on the exact same technology that powers our plug-ins. But with LUCiD – you don’t need Photoshop, PaintShop, Lightroom, or any other application in order to gain access to this amazing auto-correction technology. LUCiD offer all the same Presets as the plugin’s, and it quicker and more simple to use. The plugins might […]

Please download this Athentech Mac Uninstall V3 app, and then double-click to uncompress it, then double-click the resulting file to run. It will show a dialog like this: Select the applications you’d like to remove, then click Uninstall.

Note: This is for an old product  If you are running into issues activating our plugins on Windows, the easiest thing to do is to Activate the plugin using our License Manager. Step one: Find the folder that the plugin was installed into.  That should be one of these, depending on your version of Windows […]

Perfectly Clear supports jpg, tif and RAW files. For our Photoshop plug-in, we support any 8 and 16 bit RGB image that Photoshop can open. For our Lightroom plug-in, we can edit jpg &  tif directly, and any other format that Lightroom opens by exporting it through Lightroom into a tif or jpg. LUCiD Desktop […]

If you are running into issues activating our plugins on a Mac, the easiest thing to do is to Activate the plugin using our License Manager.  You can find this at Applications -> Athentech Run the Athentech License Manager v2, then select the product you’d like to Activate: Then, just follow the on-screen instructions to […]