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When running our products multiple times on one image, this can prevent faces from being detected in the 2nd or later run. Our team of experts are working on finding a solution. In the meantime, we encourage you to use  Eyes and Skin first, and follow with color exposure and details. If you have any other questions, […]

Our LUCiD Mac Apps support the following keyboard shortcuts: Shortcut Command Z Zoom: toggle Fit / 100% CMD+0 Zoom Fit CMD+1 Zoom 100% CMD++ Zoom in CMD+- Zoom out   For more on LUCiD Mac Apps, watch these great tutorials here! 

The LUCiD Mac Apps will open and support JPEG, TIFF, and PNG images that are in an RGB color space.  CMYK and greyscale images are not supported. When running these apps as an Extension to Apple Photos, then the apps are also able to open RAW files that Photos supports. For more on LUCiD Mac […]

Our LUCiD for Photos apps are distributed only through the Mac App Store, and use Apple’s “sandboxing” system to ensure our apps are secure.  This means that the LUCiD apps only have access to save photos in certain folders without asking for permission.  These folders are the folder that contains the photo you opened and […]

When working with LUCiD Apps for Photos, there is an ideal workflow for fixing common problems.  You can of course work using the apps however you see fit, but consider this approach to get the best-looking image. Photos with People Choose the image you want to process. Process the image using LUCiD Exposure.  This will […]

One way to use the LUCiD Apps is as an Extension on a Mac.  This allows you to use the software on any image that you’re editing inside the Photos for Mac software. This workflow lets you edit an image without the need to export the image first, and keeps the edited and original image […]

We’re pleased to offer five targeted LUCiD apps designed to solve problems and enhance your images.  While these apps can be used as standalone tools, they are most useful as a simple extensions which can be run from inside Photos for Mac.   We currently offer five extensions   LUCiD Exposure for Photos  — LUCiD […]