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Our new AppsManager is a great way to find new products, stay up to date with the products you already own, and it also simplifies the activation process. The AppsManager will download and install products that are securely hosted only on our servers, and all the installers for both Windows and Mac are digitally signed […]

All the supported keyboard shortcuts are in our online User Guide.

Our “version 3” products use an ‘Apps Manager’ to download, install, update, and activate our products. So all you need to do is run the Apps Manager, then click ‘Install’ on the product you want to download. Some additional detail is in our online User Guide, for installing into host other host applications or other […]

We offer a lot of ways to learn more: You can read our User Manual online or by pressing the “Learn” button in the plug-ins Download a PDF of the User Manual Or, watch our training videos on our website Or, sign up to attend one of our live Webinars

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