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We offer two levels of support for RAW file processing in our “stand-alone” applications (those not run as plug-ins): 1) Full RAW editing support and 2) RAW data access. For both of these, support is provided by camera make and model – not by file extension like CR2, NEF, or DNG. Full RAW Editing support […]

Our products rely on several Microsoft components that are installed by default on the vast majority of systems, but might be out of date or missing – especially on older systems.  If these are missing, then various issues can result, including: Preview image and / or thumbnails not appearing Problems saving images from PNG files […]

Here’s the process to import presets from LAB v5 into Workbench v3: Workbench can import the UserPresets.xml file that LAB uses to store it’s presets.  Here’s how to find this file: Copy the Presets file from the LAB computer to the Workbench computer: LAB presets are stored in a file called UserPresets.xml, which is found […]

Windows Firewall may be a reason for “License State Unknown” error message.  To fix this: Go to Network and Firewall Protection tab of the Windows Defender Security Center  Select the “Allow an app through firewall” option Then select “Change settings” and then “Allow another app” Add AppsManager and Perfectly Clear.  That should fix it.  The next […]

This message indicates that either your free trial period has expired, or that your product license was deactivated. Many of our products have fully-functional trial periods, and once this trial period is over, you’ll need to purchase a license to continue to use it.  “Perfectly Clear” will continue to be usable forever in ‘Free Forever’ […]

What used to be called Color Vibrancy in our V2-based products is now referred to as Color Restore.  This was done to allow us to create a new Color Vibrancy correction – using that familiar name to refer to a more standard “vibrancy” adjustment. In our SDK, the parameters for Color Restore are the same as […]

This is usually caused by issues with your graphics card driver.  It might be out of date, malfunctioning, or not installed at all.  To solve this: Ensure your Windows or Mac OS is fully up to date Check for updated graphics drivers from your computer maker’s support site, or from the maker of your video […]

Yes, Workbench V3 presets can be used in LAB 5, but you’ll need to “export” each preset for them to appear there. This is easy to do, though.  Just select the preset you want to export, then click the ‘+ Add or Edit a Preset’ button.   The following dialog will appear: Click ‘Export to […]