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Q: Are the Perfectly Clear Plug-ins color managed?


Yes – all our Plug-ins are fully color managed.

However, there is a difference in how our Lightroom and Photoshop plugins manage color profiled images that are not sRGB.  In Photoshop, you have full control over the color space of your image.  As such, you can set the color space to any working profile you’d like.  Our plugin will leave the image in that profile.  In Lightroom, color management is much more restrictive.  As such, our Lightroom Plug-in will automatically convert from the input color profile to our internal working space, then will convert back to the input profile before saving the image.

In the vast majority of images, the processing will be identical in our Photoshop and Lightroom plugins.  Working in Photoshop allows you to experiment with different working spaces, and these manual changes will be visible in our plug-in, too.

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