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Q: How do I use LOOK’S?


Perfectly Clear’s LOOK’s technology is powered by lookup tables.  A lookup table remaps the color an image based on a color profile.  They’re great for film looks, black and white conversions, and creative color grading.

Browsing LOOKs visually makes them much easier to use. To switch the LOOKS browser to visual LOOKS is easy.

  1. Make sure the Presets/LOOKs browser is open (if closed click the triangle at the left edge of the screen.
  2. Open up the LOOKs Browser to see all of the LOOKs.
  3. Click the Browse LOOKs Visually button.
  4. Click the disclosure triangle next to a group to view the LOOKs within.
  5. Scroll through multiple groups to browse LOOKs.
  6. To try a LOOK out, click its thumbnail. Choosing a new LOOK will only change the LOOKS.  All develop settings and cropping stays the same.
  7. Click on a selected LOOK again to turn it off.
  8. Use the LOOKs slider to refine the look of a preset.  Drag to the right to increase the strength and to the left to decrease.

Get More LOOKs and Presets

No matter which version of Perfectly Clear you are using, we’ve bundled several great presets and LOOKs to enhance your images.  But we also offer several additional packs for sale and even some free ones too.

Mark Your Favorites

We’ve made it easier to keep track of your favorite LOOKs and presets. Simply click the hollow star icon to mark a LOOK or a preset as a favorite.  Now they’re automatically added to the Favorites group at the top of the LOOKs and Presets browser.  Want to save more time?  You can load your Favorites Preset set in the top toolbar.

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