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Q: How to import LAB presets into Workbench?


Here’s the process to import presets from LAB v5 into Workbench v3:

Workbench can import the UserPresets.xml file that LAB uses to store it’s presets.  Here’s how to find this file:

  1. Copy the Presets file from the LAB computer to the Workbench computer:
    1. LAB presets are stored in a file called UserPresets.xml, which is found in the folder: %appdata%\Athentech\Perfectly Clear Shared
    2. Copy and paste that folder name into Windows Explorer, then copy the UserPresets.xml file
    3. Paste the UserPresets.xml file onto a network drive accessible to the computer running Workbench
  2. Open Workbench and ensure you can access the UserPresets.xml file.
  3. Click Import Presets:
  4. The LAB presets will now appear in a group called ‘Imported Presets’

Optionally, you can:

  1. Add a new Group with a name like “Presets from LAB”
  2. Drag the Presets you imported from the “Imported Presets” group into this new “Presets from LAB” group.

Once this is done, you can edit the presets using Workbench, then export them for use in LAB.  Here’s an FAQ with the steps needed for that.

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