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Q: I updated Photoshop, and now I can’t find Perfectly Clear. How do I get it back?

Note: This is for an old product 


With Adobe’s Creative Cloud versions of Photoshop, each update is delivered as a full, new version of PS on your computer. When installing the update, it will ask if you want to uninstall the previous version, and it might also ask if you’d like to remove any preferences or plugins. These will affect how to simply copy over your plugins from the previous PS version to the new one – but remember that you can always simply download the latest version of our plugins and re-install them to get these back into your supported version of Photoshop.

On a Mac, when installing a new version of PS, the plugins from the previous version are not copied over – but they are usually not removed, either. So, you can simply drag them from the previous PS version to the newly installed one:

Copy plugins to new PS version on a Mac

On Windows, Creative Cloud might fully remove your previous PS version after installing the new version. While doing this, it might remove any previously installed plugins. So, before you install the new PS version, you can copy the entire ‘Plug-ins’ folder, or just the ‘Athentech’ folder from your previous version of PS to a temporary location like your Desktop. Then, after installing the new PS CC version and removing the previous one, simply copy this folder to the new PS Plug-ins location.

Copy plugins to new PS version on a PC

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