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Q: If I own Nik Collection plug-ins, will that work with Perfectly Clear Complete ?


Perfectly Clear and Google’s Nik Collection are compatible and complementary. Many photographers use the tools from the Nik Collection to create stylized images.  Perfectly Clear can help here as our software is designed to  fix many flaws in photos and common problems.  Taking the time to fix your images before you stylize is a very good idea and can help with the final output.

A few points to note.

  • Perfectly Clear is designed to save you time by analyzing your images and providing automatic enhancements which you can control
  • The Nik Collection is designed to stylize images, while offering very elaborate controls and options which you can spend a lot of time exploring.  Perfectly Clear will save you lots of time, leaving more for exploring other creative applications like Nik.
  • Please keep in mind that the Nik Plug-in Collection from Google has been discontinued.  While Google continues to distribute it, there is no engineering support or development.  It is possible that the product may show compatibility issues with newer versions of Photoshop or Lightroom.  At Athentech, we’re committed to solving the problems faced by photographers. Every year, we continue to innovate with R&D work by our team of physicists, engineers, and photographers. Every day, we invest in making your photos look their best.


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