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Q: Offline Deactivation for LAB 5


It’s much faster to deactivate LAB 5 online.  However, if the computer you want to run LAB 5 on does not have an active internet connection, then follow the quick steps below to activate your LAB 5 license on a computer without access to the internet.

  1. Run LAB and click System -> License to open the license screen, then click De-Activate to reveal this screen:
  2. Enter your license number in the top box, then click “Site Certificate” to generate a unique certificate for your license and computer.
  3. Copy this certificate to the clipboard with the button provided, then enter that certificate into the form you will find here:

    Click here to Enter your Site Certificate

    Your production computer is not online, so you’ll need to transfer this certificate to another computer to achieve this

  4. Click “Close” in LAB 5 and your license on that computer will be removed.
  5. The license will be fully de-activated once you enter the Site Certificate in the form linked above and click Deactivate.  Once this is complete, you may activate this license on a different computer.


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