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Q: Why is Perfectly Clear sometimes not accessible in Photoshop Elements?

Note: This is for an old product


Some versions of Photoshop Elements will open and display images in 16-bit color, but will not allow plugins, build-in filters, or many other controls to operate on 16-bit images.  This is the message from Adobe about this:

  • There is very little 16-bit support in Photshop Elements. You cannot create or convert an image to 16-bit, only open images that are already 16-bit. While working with a 16-bit image you cannot work with layers. The following tools do not work: Magic Wand, Selection Brush, the family of Type tools, Recompose, Cookie Cutter, Straighten, the brush based tools (Paint Brush, Eraser, Dodge, Blur, etc), or the shape based tools (Rectangle, Ellipse, Custom Shape, etc). Many filters do not work, mainly those featured in the Filter Gallery.

Read more here: https://forums.adobe.com/message/4568487

To re-enable these menus and Perfectly Clear, please switch your images into 8-bit color depth.

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