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Q: Can I install Perfectly Clear into Photoshop Elements 13, 14 or 15?

Note: This is for an old version of our software 

PSE 13, 14 and 15 for Windows is setup a little differently that previous versions of Elements.  So, our automatic installer sometimes does not install this properly.  Here’s what to do to get up and running quickly:

  1. Run our Photoshop Plugin installer.  That file will be called something like:

    Perfectly_Clear_Complete_2.2.5.exe  (the version number will change over time as we release new updates).

  2. On this screen (below), click ‘Browse’ and select the following folder,
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Elements 13 Organizer\Plug-Ins\Filters
    Then click the checkbox next to “Specify Folder…” and Click “Next”, and continue through the installation.
  3. Now, you need to open Photoshop Elements and tell it to use the folder you just installed the plug-in into.  From Elements, click Edit -> Preferences -> Plug-ins…
  4. Then, select the folder you chose above:
  5. Click, OK, restart Photoshop Elements and you should see ‘Perfectly Clear v2’ under the Filters -> Athentech folder.

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