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Q: Upgrading from Perfectly Clear LAB to QuickServer


Upgrading from Perfectly Clear LAB to QuickServer is quick and simple.  All you need to do is install QuickServer on the machine that is currently running LAB 5 and then run QuickServer.  The first time QuickServer runs, it will check to see if any LAB 5 presets or channels exist.  If it finds any, then it will automatically import those presets and channels into QuickServer.  So – it’s totally automatic!

Once the import happens, then you can manage these imported channels exactly like any other QuickServer channels.

QuickServer does not remove the channels from LAB 5, so both products will have identical channel settings.  This means you can use EITHER LAB 5 or QuickServer on the same machine while you evaluate QuickServer.  NOTE: be sure not to run LAB 5 and QuickServer at the same time – they could be watching the same input hot folders and will conflict with one another by both attempting to correct the same images.

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