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Q: What is each LUCiD App for Photos useful for?


We’re pleased to offer five targeted LUCiD apps designed to solve problems and enhance your images.  While these apps can be used as standalone tools, they are most useful as a simple extensions which can be run from inside Photos for Mac.


We currently offer five extensions



LUCiD Exposure for Photos  — LUCiD Exposure lives up to its name and brings your images to life with rich colors. It’s the perfect way to rescue your memories when the camera didn’t quite get it right, Our patented science automatically solves the most common exposure problems by quickly fixing dark photos, adding light to your images, and removing unwanted noise.




LUCiD Color for Photos —LUCiD Color is perfect for bringing your images to life with rich, vibrant color. LUCiD Color automatically reveals the great colors that were there when you captured the photo.




LUCiD Skin for Photos — LUCiD Skin helps photos look their best by giving  beautiful, natural-looking skin. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to perfect their portraits and selfies by smoothing skin, reducing shine and blemishes, and adding a tan complexion. It even lets you whiten teeth and add blush to the cheeks.




LUCiD Eyes for Photos — LUCiD Eyes is an easy-to-use photo editing app that enhances the eyes of your subject. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to instantly remove dark circles and red-eye, add catchlights (sparkle), sharpen details, enhance the eyes and even remove squinting.




LUCiD Details for Photos  — LUCiD Details is perfect for adding depth and sharpness to your images while removing noise. LUCiD Details automatically reveals the subtle details hidden in every image.




For more on LUCiD Mac Apps, watch these great tutorials here! 

These apps are available exclusively on the Mac App Store.

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