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Did you know we offer 24/7 support? Our tech team is tackling daily support questions, and most importantly they are making sure YOU are staying happy! 

How do you reach us?

First, we are NOT automated robots. Yes, we are real people behind it all. There are a few ways you can reach us. If you’re, not a phone person, no worries,  we have our 24/7 chat available when you come to our website.

 You can also reach us on our support page. There you will find two options: 

    1. Call us anytime here:  1-844-552-8436
    2. Fill out the form (see example).

For demonstration ONLY

Or simply just shoot us an email here:  help@athentech.com.

We value your time, so our support team will reach out in a timely manner. We look forward to hearing from you!