Inside Look at the New Features of Perfectly Clear v3: LOOKs & Creative Filters

Unleash Your Creativity
With so many new time-saving features packed into v3, you’ll begin to find that you have tons of extra room in your workflow. So why not let your creative side go a little wild? With LOOKS, you can quickly stylize your images with creative film stocks and one-click color grading.


LOOKs & Creative Filters

Benefit: Unleash your creativity with stylized images ready with just one click. With Looks here, you can quickly and easily stylize your images with creative film stocks as a finishing step.  Unlike other filters, LOOKs offer a unique workflow.  More than just a preset, LOOKs remap the colors and tone of your images.  You’ll find a wide range of over 45 different LOOKs to achieve specific creative effects including those designed for simulating film stocks, black and white photograph and creative color grading. Here are some examples of what you can do with one click LOOKs:

  • Black & White 





  • Stylized Color:




  • Color Film:

    (Blue Film)

    (Blue Film) 


  •  Color Grades:

    (Dark & Moody)




  • Stylized Color:


  • (Dreamsicle)


Learn more about LOOKs – click here



“The new version of Perfectly Clear is not just an upgrade, but a totally new animal!  This software delivers and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.  The result is a total game changer for your images”-Scott Stulberg