Inside Look at the New Features of Perfectly Clear v3: Smarter Auto Intelligence

As we gear up to release our greatest achievement in image correction yet, Perfectly Clear v3, we wanted to give you an inside look at the scientifically-backed enhancements we just know you’re going to love. How do we know you’re going to love it? Because we had one goal in mind: To get you spending less time editing and more time behind the camera, doing what matters to you most.

Smarter Auto Intelligence

Our new Intelligent Auto with Face Aware Exposure is smarter in automatically delivering you perfect exposure every time.  This means a more robust correction automatically for faces in front of a bright background.

To add further depth to this huge time-saving enhancement, our new intelligence works automatically on overexposed faces as well.

For a more advanced auto-exposure calculation, the new Face Aware Exposure option works seamlessly with our Automatic Strength Selection choices. Low, Medium or High Automatic Strength Selection will take into account the exposure of the faces it detects in the photo, in addition to the background lighting.

We’re just getting started with how this revolutionary tool is changing the game for photographers at any level. But you can begin right away with our pre-launch sale. Order your copy of Perfectly Clear v3 today to start applying time-saving enhancements, like the new Intelligent Auto with Face Aware Exposure.



“Perfectly Clear has thought of everything! Talk about exceptionally smart software.”  –Roberto Valenzuela





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