Inside Look at the New Features of Perfectly Clear v3:Easier Navigation Experience

One of the best ways a product can improve is by listening to their users. That’s why we don’t just make software, we create solutions that truly change the way you work and the way the world will see your images – faster. Your feedback created the framework in which we base our new navigation experience. Let’s take a look at how you’ll be using the new Perfectly Clear v3.


Easier Navigation Experience

Benefit: Save more time while having way more fun.

The new navigation experience is not just beautiful. It’s designed to give you more control and customization with an intuitive and refined professional interface built to ensure time doesn’t run away from you.

Your one-touch presets and full control corrections all appear on a single screen.   Presets are on the top and Corrections on the right (collapsable) panel.

Want to import a preset from your favorite photographer, export to your friend, or buy some new ones?  All of this is possible with our powerful preset manager which is the (collapsable) panel on the left.  Re-arrange presets by dragging and dropping, choose your own icon for your custom presets. Simple, right?

Now you can maximize your workspace by minimizing any corrections in the panel you don’t use.

Another newly added feature is the histogram. You’ll be able to see the technical impact of your adjustments, including clipping points for both highlights and shadows.

You’ll also find that we added a single strength slider that intelligently adjusts all corrections at once.  A powerful visual new way to correct your photos is by utilizing the full image mode with presets on the top and the single slider on the top right to tweak.  Imagine the power of using Perfectly Clear in Lightroom to quickly browse through 100 photos in this mode and approve the auto correction or tweak further?


Speaking of Lightroom, we created a huge time saver just for our Lightroom users. You know when you would make a small adjustment to a photo in Perfectly Clear batch (export) mode, and then realize you wanted to apply that same edit to all remaining photos in the shot? We got you covered. Now in v3, all you need to do is just press sync and presto, you’re done! You’ve got to love that!

The control and ease of use in our new version will have you working more efficiently than ever before! It’s our goal to not just enhance your workflow, but make your life easier. And with these adjustments, we think you’ll agree the simplicity is there.




“Perfectly Clear Complete lets me work 3X faster.  Not only does it automatically make the manual corrections that I used to do by hand, but it’s brought my finished product up to the next level” Chamira Young




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