New Perfectly Clear Complete & Essentials Bring Better Sharpening and Faster Processing

We’re excited to announce our latest updates for Perfectly Clear Free, Perfectly Clear Complete and Perfectly Clear Essentials.

This update includes another major processing speed improvement – we made a an update to the processing performance earlier this year – and we’ve been hard at work continuing on this trend, so you’ll get the best looking photos in the least amount of time.

We’re also happy to bring several image quality improvements – the biggest of these is our improved sharpening algorithm. The new sharpening is both more gentle and better at bringing out detail. You can apply sharpening at much higher levels that previously, without causing excess artifacts. Give it a try!  We’ve included a few smaller image quality improvements as well.

These improvements are free for all customers and are available now. We’re thrilled to be able to continue to improve both speed and image quality, so open up your AppsManager to get your free updates now!

Don’t have Perfectly Clear Version 3.5? Get it today!