Where in the world is Pixel?

In honor of #NationalDogDay, we wanted to share a quick update on Pixel. With your help, we were able to raise enough money to support her journey. Pixel is still with her volunteer puppy raiser, and they are continuing to work on basic obedience and house manners.  


Puppy in training…

Puppies in training at Southeastern Guide Dogs between 6-9 months old are putting the basic obedience skills that they have learned into practice on more complex outings.  With their puppy raiser, they are venturing out to malls, restaurants, and on public transportation. Prior to this, they have been getting to know their neighborhood and only gone to small stores and quiet restaurants.  At this age, they are learning the “switch” command when at a doorway and they need to switch to the opposite side of their handler.  They practice the “down/under” command when the puppy raiser is seated at a table or desk. 

These are important skills for a guide or service dog to learn, and we hope that Pixel will continue to progress and some day be someone’s superhero.  

Thanks so much for following along and being part of Pixels journey! Stay tuned for more updates on Pixel.