Perfectly Clear LAB software even now more robust for PDF processing — 01.05.14

Perfectly Clear LAB software even now more robust for PDF processing

With tronPDF integration, PDF files can be processed with higher accuracy saving time and money while setting new quality standards

Las Vegas, NV, January 5, 2014 – Athentech Imaging Inc. (“Athentech”), creators of Perfectly Clear, and ECCE TERRAM, provider of multi-channel order clients for the digital photo market, are pleased to announce the integration of the tronPDF format for Print-based products in the Perfectly Clear LAB solution. The addition of tronPDF enables more robust image correction of PDF files by accurately identifying and separating out real photographs that need image correction and backgrounds, text, and other info that doesn’t. By reducing false positives labs save both time and money.

Perfectly Clear is the world’s leading automatic image-correction solution, with over 26 million prints corrected automatically every day. Perfectly Clear has been licensed by some of the world`s largest and most respected photo companies to correct high volumes of images automatically and consistently. Perfectly Clear LAB is software specifically designed to help photo labs automatically correct large volumes of photos and PDFs. In addition, Perfectly Clear is a Silver Partner with HP enabling Indigo customers with the flexibility to incorporate image correction software in a manner that is conducive to the overall workflow of their specific systems.

Photo2lab order clients from ECCE TERRAM Internet Services GmbH, Germany, with offices in the US, NZ & AU, provide retailers and labs with the ability to offer a wide product range, from photo prints and wall decor to Photobooks printed on photo paper or by digital press. The software can be customized or provided as a white label solution. The Order Client V2013.12 allows customers to use PDF for print products like Photobooks or an alternative special format called tronPDF. TronPDF enables intelligent optimization of complex PDF files, combining the advantages of client-side PDF rendering with the power of the Perfectly Clear Lab Solution.

Solutions from other providers either allow only brute force, resource-intensive ex post rendering of Photobooks using multiple servers, or ex post optimization of imposed PDF pages resulting in a correspondingly high error rate when dealing with text, backgrounds, frames, clipart or collages.

About Photo2lab
The Photo2Lab Software Suite offers a comprehensive solution for industrial laboratories, from ordering to processing. The range includes software applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, web applications, applications for the processing of CDs or for the iPhone. The modern transmission protocol – TRON – is freely available and supported by many different third party providers. Apart from pure order processing, also other aspects are taken into consideration, such as payment, promotions and customization options for affiliates and partners in white label solutions. Products that can be offered and processed include photo prints up to genuine photobooks, thus providing unique flexibility and an open platform that focuses on reducing costs and reaching out to new customer groups for clients using this solution. In 2012, Photo2lab installations processed orders of more than 240 million digital photos, 500,000 photobooks and photo calendars.

ECCE TERRAM, headquartered in Oldenburg (Germany), is a global enterprise focusing on photo ordering solutions and social media services for digital photo labs, retail chains and printing centers (“Photo2Lab Software Suite”). The company has subsidiaries in the US (Silicon Valley & Atlanta) and New Zealand (Auckland).

About Athentech Imaging Inc
Athentech Imaging Inc. is an entrepreneurial, privately held company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company is involved in three industries and markets: digital imaging, signal processing (for medical applications), and earth sciences. Athentech’s Perfectly Clear technology is the world’s most robust automatic image correction, bringing over 12 years of science and more than 10 patents to its professional and consumer offerings. For more information, please visit

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