Introducing our v4 App for Android

We’ve re-engineered our technology to deliver the best shots with the least amount of effort. Now, with our most powerful mobile app yet, you get faster processing, next-generation Beautify, a more user-friendly interface and more.

Intelligent Image Correction

Perfect your photos with 1 tap

Beautify is amazing, too

Makes it easy to look your best (and create the perfect selfie)

Fix Dark

Brings amazing images out of the shadows

Fix Tint

View the hues you saw with your own eyes

What's New in 4.0

Next Generation Beautify

10 ways to look your best, including five new corrections: Blemish Removal, Face Slimming, Eye Circle Removal, De-Flash and Catchlight. Beautify automatically detects gender, age, and facial features to apply just the right amount of correction.

New user-friendly interface

So clean and simple, anyone can correct photos instantly. Just point, shoot, and let Perfectly Clear do the rest.

Quick Correct mode

Fix your photos with one tap directly from the photo browser.

Powerful photo browser

Crop, delete, rotate and quickly flip through images in a gallery so you no longer need to go to another app to view your images.

New capture capabilities for Android 5.0 Lollipop

Get full-resolution high speed burst, rapid HDR shooting – perfect for fast-moving subjects, white balance options, EV Compensation, and more.

Automatic red-eye removal

Helps eyes look bright and clear by automatically fixing the color distortion that happens when light from the flash reflects in the eyes of your subject.

Significantly faster processing

Correct images at up to twice the speed on your Android phone.

Make your Amazon Cloud Drive photos look their best with a single tap

Correct them in seconds with Perfectly Clear, then save them back to the Amazon Cloud drive.
Android v4 Launch Video

See The Proof

All of these corrections are applied automatically with one click of a button. Browse our galleries to see how each correction perfects your photos.

Powerful features in your pocket.

Advanced panorama, blazingly fast burst, single-tap HDR and advanced face detection give you pro-level capture ability without the expensive, complicated, and bulky gear. Plus, you can easily separate your focus and exposure points to ensure the perfect photo for all types of scenes.

18 patented corrections in a single tap.

With Perfectly Clear’s intelligent image correction, your photos get professional photo correction in seconds. Perfectly Clear takes the limits off your mobile device so you get a true photograph with a simple tap of the button… just like you saw with your eyes.

More wow, less waiting, low cost.

Unlike expensive cameras that take up to 10 seconds to process HDR or panorama, our superfast app takes only a few seconds to process complex features—yet you get amazing results.

Sophisticated features you’d expect from an expensive pro camera.

Perfectly Clear includes an impressive range of powerful features, including a stabilizer, manual focus mode, gridlines, timer, and powerful horizon and tilt indicators, and more.


Perfectly Clear gives you best-in-class tone mapping to keep colors realistic. A vivid HDR look is coupled with unmatched de-ghosting to produce perfect pictures even when your subject moves. Choose from either the Realistic or Artistic HDR mode.


When you use Portrait mode, Perfectly Clear automatically takes photos at the optimal time. Our face detection has the highest overall detection rate of any technology in the market, coupled with the best coverage of face angles (in plane, out of plane) and the biggest distance to subject detection in real time.

Panorama, HDR, Face Detection, Blink and Smile Detection, Perfectly Smooth, Eye Enhance, Eye Enlarge and Teeth Whitening features powered by FotoNation

We’re getting rave reviews and compliments from our customers

"It's like Windex for photos. You'll be astounded how often the app gets it nearly perfect all by itself. A lot of programs talk about "intelligent" fixing, but this is one of the very few we've ever seen that actually lives up to that tagline. Forget the endless filter apps and make your photos genuinely better with Perfectly Clear.
"Perfectly Clear is one incredible camera app and photo processing app. If you've used it, you know that it has some sort of magic to make good pictures great, and, more importantly, make fair pictures look good. It's salvaged more than a few pictures for me, and it's my go-to app for fixing my smartphone pictures. I'm not alone."
-Android Central
“Allows you to perfect your images, effortlessly”
– Huffington Post
“Can take a boring photo and make it amazing!”
– John Poz,
"May have you rethink what it is possible to do with your phone's camera…the best money you can spend on phone-based photography."
– James Oppenheim (James Games and contributor to NBC show)
“Does things well that separate it from the pack”
– USA Today
“The immediate impact was miraculous—like a strip of dull film being removed from the top layer of the image leaving pure, jeweled color beneath.”
– TechHive
“If you've taken photos with your Android phone and wished you could spruce them up a little... Perfectly Clear makes the process incredibly simple.”
– Lifehacker
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