Without Science,
it's just software.

  • 12 unique & powerful algorithms
  • 10 patents & patents pending
  • 8 years of research & development
  • 1 mouse click to instant perfection
The power behind our technology is all in the science. In this section, you can read a brief overview of the science behind Perfectly Clear. After that, you can dig deeper into the complexity of it all.

Your Camera Distorts Reality

We all take photographs to remind us of the beauty of our reality, our experiences and our loved ones - to preserve our precious memories perfectly. The first picture mom takes of her beautiful baby daughter is created by her neurology and stored as an original image in her mind’s eye. A perfect photo needs to reproduce what she sees. Photo Accuracy demands accurate color (what we call Real Color), accurate exposure throughout the entire photo, and accurate detail. But, today’s photos don’t replicate what you see because they’re distorted by your camera and your “enhancement” software.

Cameras Have Serious Limitations, Generating Significant Color Distortion

There are 15 ways your camera distorts the color of your photos. The most damaging camera limitation is the camera’s inability to model how the eye is dynamically changing its dynamic range. You can’t have photos that match the original image in the mind’s eye if the essential eye function is missing.

Your “Enhancement” Software Takes the Camera Distortions and Makes Them Worse

The old paradigm of “software” enhancement methods employing luminance adjustments, unsharp masking, dodging and burning, and utilizing curves and levels; and adjustments for brightness, contrast, saturation and such, all distort the colors of your photos even further. See Photo Editing and Enhancement Software Distorts Your Photos Too.

Why the Cameras and Software are Distorting Your Precious Memories

The algorithms driving “photo enhancement” weren’t originally developed for photography, don’t model the function of the human eye, or, if they do, they model the wrong eye functions. For example, adding Luminance to brighten a photo distorts color and results in a faded photo. This is because a Luminance adjustment emulates a cone cell function, and cone cell functions are the wrong eye function to emulate.

Perfectly Clear Emulates the Proper Missing Eye Function

The result is an auto correction that preserves precious memories perfectly by adhering to the physics principles of how your eye gathers light. Perfectly Clear auto corrects your photos to match the “original image” in your mind’s eye. In emulating the dynamically changing iris and the physics principles of how the eye gathers light; Perfectly Clear is modeling the essential eye function to overcome the 15 ways your camera distorts color, and avoid the color distortion of the traditional photo “enhancement” methods. The result is perfect Photo Corrections - done instantly. Let Perfectly Clear Overcome Your Camera and Software Limitations and Reproduce a Perfect Photo of What You See It’s not about software, it’s about science. Perfectly Clear’s 10 patented and patent-pending processes all emulate the essential missing eye function.

By assiduously adhering to the physics principles of how the human eye gathers light Perfectly Clear:
  • Overcomes Color Distortion and reproduces the Real Colors you saw during the original event
  • Generates Perfect Exposure throughout your entire photo
  • Preserves the Color Nuances and Details of the original event by rigorously correcting inadequate vibrancy, contrast, skin tones and sharpness, and removing abnormal tint, red-eye, noise and infra red while always maintaining the Real Color and Perfect Exposure.

Examine Perfectly Clear’s 12 Corrections and Why They’re Licensed in Numerous Online Systems, more than 55,000 Kiosks and Thousands of Mini-Labs Worldwide and Why It’s Now Being Made Available in Software Each of Perfectly Clear’s 12 auto corrections is unique, is underpinned by providing the essential missing eye function, and adheres to the physics principles of how the eye gathers light, resulting in perfect corrections - not enhancements. This has led to Perfectly Clear being widely licensed throughout the world, and now, by popular demand, it’s being made available in Perfectly Clear Pro PRO Software and as an iPhone app. In our Pro Software, it’ll correct your photos fully automatically using an automatic batch mode and if you want even further perfection you can tweak them instantly… and yes it does automatically correct RAW format images instantly.

CHAPTER 1 – Full Spectrum RGB

CHAPTER 2 – Perfect Exposure

CHAPTER 3 — Vibrancy Correction

CHAPTER 4 — Tint Correction and White Balance

CHAPTER 5 — Contrast Correction

CHAPTER 6 — Sharpness (Clarity) Correction

CHAPTER 7 — Red Eye/Golden Eye Correction

CHAPTER 8 — Noise Reduction

CHAPTER 9 — Skin Tone Adjustments 1 – Automatic removal of the Infra Red Effect

CHAPTER 10 — Skin Tone Adjustments 2 – skin tones for your culture

CHAPTER 11 — Portrait Light Diffusion – Automatic Softening of Light for Portrait Perfection

CHAPTER 12 — Vivid Full Spectrum RGB – Automatically boost colors in a Real Color way