CHAPTER 10 — Skin Tone Adjustments 2 – skin tones for your culture

Skin tones have been and will continue to be a “sensitive” topic as different countries and cultures have a preference on the specific look of their skin.

As a result, the Perfectly Clear bias algorithm has the ability to provide you with several different options on the look of your skin tone. The examples below show how you can create slightly whiter skin tones, or much whiter (as preferred in the Asian cultures).


Portrait photos are suboptimal when the subjects are exposed to hard lighting situations. Hard lighting is unnatural and results in color distortion. Perfectly Clear applies a process to automatically soften the lighting. This results in superior Portraits with more accurate color. More

The Skin Tones we sometimes prefer may actually differ from reality

Athentech Imaging strives relentlessly for accurate color reproduction. See Photo Accuracy. [link] People are very sensitive to skin tones in their photos, and we respect that. Research has shown that people generally have a range for the skin tones they prefer. This preferred range often falls outside what may be the actual skin tones of the people in the photo. However, in an attempt to provide you with the maximum control in your auto corrections, Perfectly Clear has settings to emphasize people and the whiteness of your skin. For example, in Japan, ladies strive to have porcelain like skin (very smooth and very light). We have a special setting for our Asian customers so they can accomplish this. We also have a toned down setting for our North American customers who prefer a subtle skin adjustment. The difference in these correction s are shown above in the Introduction.