CHAPTER 11 — Portrait Light Diffusion – Automatic Softening of Light for Portrait Perfection

Portrait photos are suboptimal when the subjects are exposed to hard lighting situations. Hard lighting is unnatural and results in color distortion. Perfectly Clear applies a process to automatically soften the lighting. This results in superior Portraits with a warmer and softer diffused look.


Perfect Portraits need perfect lighting

Figure-50Portraits require perfect lighting. Sometimes the available lighting is too hard resulting in suboptimal results and unnatural colors. Our Light Diffusion algorithm is a result of working with Portrait Pro Photographers over several years. They manually created this look in Photoshop by making multiple tedious and time consuming corrections to each individual photo. Now, you can re-create this look instantly by the simple press of a button.

Perfectly Clear’s light diffusion enhancement diffuses the light in providing a more optimal portrait photo with a software and warmer look as shown above.