CHAPTER 12 — Vivid Full Spectrum RGB – Automatically boost colors in a Real Color way

There’ll be situations where you’ll want to combine digital color fidelity with extra vivid colors. In the past this could only be accomplished by methods that would introduce a lot of distortion, including distorting the original colors, the contrast and the sharpness of your photos. Perfectly Clear’s incorporation of Full Spectrum RGB – Vivid Mode provides you the best of both worlds. Vivid photos with original colors together with excellent contrast and sharpness.


When you want those Extra Vivid colors

For artistic reasons there’s times you’ll want to deliver extra vivid colors in your photos with even greater depth. In the past, boosting saturation and vibrancy resulted in all of: color distortion, a change in contrast, a loss of sharpness and more. A specific combination of the Perfectly Clear corrections with Full Spectrum RGB – Vivid Mode delivers extra vibrancy with the original color accuracy being carried forward on a relative basis.

Vivid Colors without compromise

As with all Perfectly Clear corrections what makes the significant difference over all alternatives is that the vivid color correction is done without negatively impacting the other attributes of your photos. Therefore, this implementation results in photos with extra vivid colors together with perfect contrast, sharpness and exposure and without color shifts.