Changing the opacity of Perfectly Clear without using layers



Most of the time I love Perfectly Clear at full strength but from time to time I like to mix the adjustments that are stronger than normal with the original image settings. One way is to create layers and change the opacity. But to save memory and reduce the number of layers that are used you can also use the Fade command in Photoshop.


First start by applying Perfectly Clear to your background image using the Filter>Athentech Imaging>Perfectly Clear. I will apply stronger than normal adjustments since the results will be a blend of the original and the filtered image.  Click OK.

Fade filter Photoshop edit

Now you are back in Photoshop. Click on the Edit Menu and drop down and click on Fade Perfectly Clear.  Fade dialog box

Fade compare

This dialog box will come up. Adjust the slider to amount you would like to fade the filter. I would suggest that you start at 0% and turn up the Opacity until you see your desired results. Personally I love to use the filter at 85% when using stronger than normal adjustments.


This comparison shows how a strong adjustment blended with the original can create some fantastic results.