Here’s What You Need to Know About Fall Foliage Photography

fall foliage photography
Photo by David Bartus from Pexels edited with Perfectly Clear — Vivid Landscapes

There’s no feeling like waking up one morning and realizing that fall has officially set in. The summer air has turned crisp, and the leaves on the trees ignite in beautiful colors. With such stunning scenery, it’s no wonder we love fall foliage photography! Here are some of our favorite tips you need to know before taking out your camera.

Of course, our number one tip is to use Perfectly Clear on all of your fall foliage photography. Sometimes, your camera doesn’t pick up the brilliance of the colors quite right. Don’t worry! Perfectly Clear automatically enhances your foliage with just one click. Try it for free for 21 days!

5 Tips for Fall Foliage Photography

1. Location Location Location

Getting the right location might seem obvious, but a lot goes into choosing where to shoot! Are you looking to focus on the color or composition? Is there a specific spot you love to shoot year-round? If it’s the color you’re looking for, you might have to take a day or two to scout out the perfect spot. Otherwise, you can use your knowledge from prior photography trips to gauge where a good spot might be.

2. Strategically Scatter

home with leaves

Yes, our landscape photos usually come organically, but who’s to say you can’t help nature out a little? For certain photos, there will be a huge difference if you scatter a few brilliantly-colored leaves around before you snap the photo. Try arranging the leaves in the front of your shot. It really does make a difference! Take a look at our example– the leaves have been arranged in the front of the photo, but you’d never know it!

3. Water + Fall Foliage = Success

Do you ever worry that your fall foliage photos look just like everyone else’s? We always try to find ways to make our fall foliage photography stand out, and photographing by water is always a success. There’s something magical about reflections, and when they’re full of fall foliage, it’s even better.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

If you’ve ever photographed a landscape, you know that it can be unpredictable. The best way to get that perfect shot is to experiment. The wind rustling the leaves might make it seem like your shot is ruined, but take a step back for a moment and rethink. Perhaps the blurred leaves inspire you and you decide to set your tripod up for a long exposure to utilize those beautiful, blurred colors.

5. Use the Right Editing Software

Of course, the main point of your fall foliage photography is to make those leaves pop. Sometimes, our photos don’t come out quite as we hoped. Perfectly Clear will take care of that in seconds. We perfected the technology that mimics exactly how the human eye perceives an image, so you’ll get perfect photos every time.

Start Using Perfectly Clear for Your Fall Foliage Photography

Perfectly Clear has the option of a plethora of Presets and LOOKs, and each is designed for a different purpose. We recommend Vivid Landscapes. Bring your landscape photos to life with rich, vivid colors and perfect exposure. These will boost saturation and contrast, and you have the option to add either a cooler or warmer look. Take a look below at some of our edits.

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