Use These 5 Best Ocean Photography Tips on Your Next Shoot

ocean photography tips example of a beach

The ocean is such a powerful and beautiful force that it’s no wonder artists are drawn to it. If you bring your camera to the beach, you are sure to be inspired. So, how do you get professional-looking photos of this particular landscape? Try out some of these ocean photography tips during your next shoot.

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5 of Our Favorite Ocean Photography Tips

1. Experiment With Shutter Speed

Messing around with your shutter speed can do wonders for your ocean photography. A short shutter speed will capture the waves as if they’re frozen while long exposure will give them the a silky, smooth look. See what changing the shutter speed can do when you take a look the two pictures below that have been edited with Perfectly Clear.

2. Time It Right

When we talk about getting the timing right, it’s because there are two very important things to keep in mind: the lighting and the amount of people at the beach. If you want to capture the sunset, it’s obvious that you need to get there as the sun is setting– but also keep in mind that certain times of the day will be brighter than others or another time could have more shadows than another.

The amount of people in an area can also be estimated based on the time of day. Do you want a lot of people in the shot or do you want none at all?

3. Bring a Tripod and Keep It Stable

In order to use these ocean photography tips, you’ll need to start with the right tools. A tripod is always a good idea for this type of photography, especially if you’re planning on doing some long exposure shots. Keep it stable in the wind by putting some weight on it such as your photography bag, and make sure it doesn’t sink into the sand.

4. Pick a Focal Point

There are an infinite number of photos with the ocean as the subject matter. However, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s boring. Picking a focal point can help take your photographs to the next level. A set of footprints can make a photo much more interesting. Maybe there’s an abandoned sandcastle that has just the right amount of sun shining on it. Be inspired!

5. Edit With Perfectly Clear

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