Yum! 5 Mouthwatering Professional Food Photography Tips for Your Next Shoot

Professional Food Photography Tips

Food photographers have one job: to make the food they are photographing look as appetizing as possible. If you have ever attempted to take pictures of food, you know it’s harder than it sounds. Using these professional food photography tips next time you’re at a restaurants!

Editing your photos is incredibly important, and Perfectly Clear can do it quickly! After putting some of these professional food photography tips to use, start with our incredible batch processing, then use our finishing tools and presets. If you aren’t sure about it, try it for free for 21 days!

5 Professional Food Photography Tips You Need to Know

1. Pay attention to lighting.

Just like any other photo, lighting is key. Not only can lighting set a specific mood for your shots, an over or under exposed photo won’t look professional. Plus, good lighting is particularly imperative to show the texture of the food you are shooting. In particular, lighting your subject from the side will bring out the brighter areas and shadows to reveal the texture.

2. Be safe, then be creative.

As you begin to shoot food more and more, you’ll find some shots that you’ll do over and over again. Cover the entire plate from above, shoot from 45 degrees, then horizontal. These are great photos to get, but after you have gotten the basics, try something new. Focus on one part of the plate, play around with the lighting, or experiment with something you have never done before. Getting 50+ photos of a plate is completely normal!

3. You can use a tripod!

Once you have gotten some creative shots, pull out the tripod. It is imperative to keep your camera still at times, especially if you are going to shoot in natural light and need a slower shutter speed. Plus, it is a lot easier to stage the shot with a tripod. Keeping the camera in the same place lets you move the lime wedge to the left or scoot the cookies closer to the glass of milk.

4. Show food in its most delicious state. professional food photography tips

Depending on the assignment, you will have full control of making viewers want the food you are photographing. Get creative and see what you can come up with! Maybe taking a bite out of the chocolate chip cookie or breaking it in half will make your mouth water. Scatter a few crumbs, crumple a colorful napkin… show that people are enjoying the dish!

5. Take advantage of batch processing.

If you’re photographing food at a professional level, you’ll be taking hundreds of photos each shoot. Batch processing software will become your best friend! Load all of your photos into Perfectly Clear Complete, then sit back and relax as it automatically uses up to 40 corrections on each photo. You’ll save hours during your editing process! Then, you can go in and fine tune each photo individually as you see needed.

Start Saving Time Editing Today!

Once you have tried these professional food photography tips, it’s time to start editing your photos. Perfectly Clear is sure to save you the tedious hours of editing; all you have to do is upload the photos. Plus, you can add our Food & Beverage Presets by Joe Glyda for even more photo enhancements. Designed by veteran food photographer Joe Glyda, they  are perfect for product and culinary photography.

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