How to Make Your Thanksgiving Photography Stand out This Year

thanksgiving photography

Thanksgiving always evokes fond memories. For some, it’s the families and friends spending quality time together. For others, it’s the food! If you’re going to be partaking in some Thanksgiving photography this year, you’ll find these tips extra useful.

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5 Tips for Your Thanksgiving Photography

1. Control What You Can

As photographers, we don’t always have control of our subjects. Control what you can when it comes to the Thanksgiving celebration! If you’re hosting this year, create a table setting that you know will photograph well. Put some candles on the table for extra lighting if you need to, and add a centerpiece that will take your photos to the next level. If you can’t control these aspects, you can at least request a lighting change or offer to bring the centerpiece for the tables.

2. Everyone Loves Candids

Everyone loves candids, but not everyone likes to get their picture taken. Keep your camera out at all times so you can get that perfect shot! A child sitting on Grandma’s lap is so much better if it’s not staged– you can capture the emotion this way.

3. Don’t Forget the Family Photo!

You’d be surprised at how many times you go to an event thinking you’re going to get a group shot and forget, especially if you’re at the event as a friend/family and not a photographer. Make it a point to get everyone together! On Thanksgiving, try to get everyone together sooner rather than later. Everyone will get full and sleepy!

4. It’s Okay to Treat Your Family and Friends Like a Customer

If you have been tasked with the Thanksgiving photography this year, you’ll have to put on your photographer hat while still trying to enjoy yourself with friends and family. Just because you’re close with your subject doesn’t mean they will be comfortable with having their photo taken or posing! Don’t be afraid to position everyone and get that perfect family portrait.

5. Have a Good Editing Software

After your day of Thanksgiving photography, it’s time to edit! What if we told you that you could edit a photo in seconds? Perfectly Clear does it all! All you need to do is click. From retouching faces to fixing any camera errors in your photographs, you’ll be able to edit the day’s photos in no time.

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