Everything You Need to Know About Winter Photography Portraits


girl in winter photography portrait

Winter is considered by many to be the most wonderful time of the year, and we can see why! This magical season is a favorite of many, and it’s the perfect time to pull out your camera. Whether you’re making winter photography portraits on commission or just like to do it for the art, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

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Tips for Winter Photography Portraits

Be Aware of the Timing

girl in snowAs you already know, winter days are much shorter than any other time of the year. Choose whether your best lighting will be in the morning or afternoon, then check when sunrise and sunset is. It’s important to check on the timing because you don’t have a long window for your shoot during these chilly days!

Bring Supplies

As always, make sure you have the right supplies for your shoot! Dress warmly for winter weather; it’s much better to be hot than cold and shivering while shooting. Batteries also tend to die quicker in the cold, so always make sure to have a spare for your camera!

Remember Color

Sometimes, the snow is so white that it’s as if you’re shooting on a plain backdrop. This is the perfect time to add color! Any color at all will pop against the winter snow. Consider having a brightly colored prop or article of clothing on your model during your winter photography portraits. It’s up to the photographer to take a photograph to the next level, and composing the colors of the shot is the perfect way to do so.

Be Aware of the White

horses in snowOn the more technical side of things, all of the white snow is very reflective of light. You are most likely going to underexpose your image, so you might want to consider preventative steps. Dial in +0.3 or +0.7 to see if it helps. Otherwise, you can fix it afterwards with Perfectly Clear!

Edit With Perfectly Clear

You have your winter photography portraits. Now what? It’s time to edit! During a photoshoot, you’ll take countless photos that will need some tweaking. What if we told you that you could edit them all at once? Perfectly Clear uses batch processing to automatically edit your photos, then lets you tweak them as you see fit. It will save you tons of time, and your photos will come out perfect every time.

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