Experiment Freely — We’ve Got Undo & Redo Buttons

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter.  One request we’ve heard for a long time is that it would sure be great to have an undo button.  Well, your wish is granted.  Now you can easily try out adjustments, LOOKs, and presets without ever losing your place.

Undo/Redo is Easy

Perfectly Clear makes it easy to experiment to find the perfect image.  Use any presets or adjustments that you want in the main window.

  1. Apply adjustments, presets, or LOOKs to your image.
  2. To revert to an early state, click the Undo button.  In our standalone application, you can also press Cmd+Z (Ctrl+Z), or choose Edit > Undo.
  3. Click or choose Undo multiple times to go back several steps.  We store as many undos in memory as your computer can access.
  4. If you go too far back and want to reapply a step, click the Redo button.  In our standalone application press Shift+Cmd+Z (Shift+Ctrl+Z), or choose Edit > Redo.

Perfectly Clear is your new flexible standalone editing application.  Allowing you to experiment freely to get the exact image you want.

Don’t have Perfectly Clear Version 3.5? Get it today!