Improved Color Restoration Makes Images Look Awesome

Our Color Restoration technology is 100% unique.  It can fix your software in ways that no other plugin or application can. And now in Version 3.5, it works even better!

What is It?

Perfectly Clear checks automatically and determines whether or not the capture device has captured the full vibrancy of the colors in a picture. If it hasn’t, then the algorithm will automatically restore the washed out/faded colors in the photograph while always maintaining the true colors represented in the original photo. If the camera has properly captured true color, then this function will not affect the image.

What’s Improved?

We made our Color Restoration even smarter!  If you run it on images that have a high key look (very bright areas) or images that have a low dynamic range, it will give even better results.  

Just use the Color Restoration command in the Color controls.  Try out the lowest value of zero, and you’ll see a better result on images that need it.  In fact, you can even use this zero value in your custom presets to fix color only in images that need it. We’ll still bring back the color, but not too much.  Get a little pop where it’s needed.

Want More Color?

A value of Zero uses our smart color restoration technology.  But you’re free to push it too.  Just drag the slider and choose between a value of 1–200,  This is a great adjustment along with Color Vibrancy to get rich, lifelike color.