Why LOOKs are Amazing (and Better than Just Filters or LUTs)

We’re pretty excited that other companies are catching on to the power of Lookup Tables or LUTs.  These cool recipes allow you to dramatically (or subtly) change the color and tone of your image for creative results.  We’ve seen a few companies start adding these to their toolset, but we wanted to make sure you knew how to fully take advantage of them inside Perfectly Clear.

What Makes a LOOK Better than a Filter?

At the heart of each LOOK is a bit of science. Each LOOK contains a lookup table or LUT. These allow you to remap the colors in your image precisely each and every time. LOOKs are great for simulating film stocks, creating dramatic color styles, or converting to black and white images. Learn more

LOOKs vs. LUTs

We call our implementation of LUTs a more descriptive name — LOOKs.  These are meant to give you a creative style or LOOK to your image. We’ve made ours super-easy to use as a creativity tool.

Preset First — LOOK Second

Choose your favorite Perfectly Clear preset first.  We’ve got tons of great ones built-in including the new Perfect Lifestyle and The Great Outdoors.  Plus we’ve got new presets we recently released too.

  1. Open your image
  2. Apply a preset you like
  3. Choose a LOOK from the LOOKs browser.
  4. Refine with the LOOKs strength slider.

Learn more here

Visual LOOKs

Make it easier to choose the perfect look by using the LOOKs browser.  Just look in the left-hand column and open the LOOKs browser.  Click the thumbnail icon to see them as visual thumbnails. This makes it easy to browse.

Control the Strength

Our strength slider is unique to Perfectly Clear.  It’s super easy to get the exact look you want — more or less.  And we mean that literally.  You can adjust a LOOK from 0–200, which puts you in charge.  Use low values for subtle effects and high values for even more style.

Built-in and Add-on

You’ll find some great LOOKs built-in:

  • Black & While Film Stocks
  • Color Film Stocks
  • Color Grades
  • Stylized Color

We’ve: also got some great packs you should try out

Be sure to try them all out and take your photos to the next level.