iOS Version Tracker

Version 3.9

1. iOS 8 and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support

Version 3.8

1. Changed to our new icon
2. Added Quick Start guide to show you around the app

Version 3.7

1. Refined the iOS 7 look and feel
2. Improved the location and photos access permissions

Version 3.6

1. Awesome new look for iOS 7.

Version 3.5

1. Fixed localization issues in German.

Version 3.4

1. Improved the settings screen to be easier to use and better looking.

Version 3.3

1. A fresh new look for the tweak interface, more intuitive and fun to use.
2. improvements to the performance of noise removal.
3. The GUI will no longer rotate when your iPhone is rotated to landscape orientation (only on iPads).

Version 3.2

1. Improved interface for saving and sharing
2. Perfectly Clear photos now saved to new “Perfectly Clear” Album
3. Email photo size limit removed, you can email photos at maximum resolution application can handle
4. Increased max size of images for iPhone5 and iPad3 to 24.5 MP

Version 2.4

1.Fixed crashing bug from previous version
2.Memory optimization to prevent running low on memory
3.Optimized preview for faster loading
4.Optimized correction speed by over 100%
5.Updated save size to accommodate 8MP camera (4S)
6.Optimized file size for faster workflow
6.Made Tint correction more responsive
7.Captures and preserves EXIF data when taking photo through Perfectly Clear
8.Captures and preserves location data when taking photo through Perfectly Clear
9.Preserves EXIF data when importing image
10.Preserves location data when importing image
11.Identifies Perfectly Clear corrected image in EXIF data
12.Fixed image orientation data
13.Improved share abilities with Facebook
14.Improved share abilities with Twitter
15.Improved share abilities with email
16.Increased response from correction sliders
17.Fixed unusual behavior of slide-out panel

Version 2.2

1. NOISE REMOVAL FIXED for iPhone 4 images.
2. Sharing made more robust
3. Fixed crash with “oversize” images
4. Several interface improvements.

Version 2.1

1. Dramatically re-engineered to use less memory
2. Fixed wording of “Perfect Exposure” on iPhone 4
3. Now shows proper dimensions in settings screen for saving full resolution photo on iPhone 4

Version 2.0

1. Powerful automatic noise removal

Grainy/noisy images is a major problem with iPhone images. Until now there has been no iPhone app effectively dealing with this. Powered by our partner Stoik Imaging, we’re offering this correction – specifically optimized for iPhone photos – as an optional feature via the in app purchase. Unlike other noise removal corrections that blur photos after removing noise, our solution is unique in preserving the crisp details.

Today’s smartphones joined the megapixel race of recent years. Cramping dozens of megapixels into tiny sensors pushes pixel density to levels unseen before. The result of this race is very high digital noise that plagues pictures taken even at bright light.

Needless to say, the noise is there even in bright daylight.

While latest smartphones come equipped with multi-megapixel chips, the physical size of the chip itself is significantly smaller than those found in dedicated digital cameras. As a result, each individual pixel sees less light and registers a lesser number of photons. In turn, this causes high levels of digital noise compared to dedicated digital cameras even in well-lit conditions.

The Stoik noise removal technology provides smooth low-light, high-ISO performance by offering fully automated zone-based noise detection, analysis, and removal. The product employs sophisticated adaptive algorithms, innovative image representation, and optimal statistical methods to achieve the outstanding noise reduction results without sacrificing image detail.
2. Ability to share images

via A) email, B) twitter, C) facebook
3. Smarter Sharpening

A revised engine giving you more precise and accurate sharpening. For our Default preset for automatic processing, less sharpening is applied. For your fine tuning needs, the sharpening range has been doubled.
4. Shake –out

The slider bar panel will appear/disappear when you shake the iPhone
5. User defined presets

You can now create your own unique preset for custom results
6. Settings panel

A) Fewer clicks to save a photo – now when you press the “save button” your photos will be automatically saved to the resolution you set. Note that if you’ve synched your photos via iTunes, your photos will be re-sized by iTunes to 320 X 480 – and this will be the largest size available to save B) Ability to also save original photo taken with iPhone camera
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