Applying Artistic Adjustments with LOOKs

With LOOKs, you can easily add creative styles to your images as a finishing step. Unlike other filters, LOOKs offer a unique workflow. More than just a preset, LOOKs remap the colors and tone of your images. These adjustments are completely independent of the other controls inside the Adjustment controls.

You’ll find a wide range of different looks to achieve specific creative effects including those designed for simulating film stocks, black and white photography, and creative color grading.

Before applying a look, I suggest that you use a preset to quickly fix any tone or color issues with your portrait. You can use any built-in preset or one of your own creation to optimize your image.

Once satisfied with the base image, click to enable LOOKs. If needed, check the box next to LOOKs to enable the adjustment. Click the LOOKs pop-up menu to access all of the installed LOOKs. These are organized into categories to make them easier to browse.

Once applied, you can refine the intensity of the LOOK using the Strength slider directly below it. Some users will prefer lower values for subtle effects while others may desire a more intense adjustment.

You can still use the main Strength slider for the other adjustments applied to your image. The primary Strength slider will affect the other adjustments applied to a photo but will not affect the LOOK applied. Remember Corrective Filters, Sky Enhance, Foliage Enhance, and LOOKs each have their own Strength sliders for refined control.

To change how a LOOK appears, you can modify the appearance of the processed image. Consider using the Corrective Filters in the Preprocessing section to create new combinations. Using the Strength slider on both the Corrective Filter and LOOK can create a distinct new appearance.

Any LOOK can be included in a preset recipe. Simply create a new preset to store the adjustments and LOOK as a new option. You can learn more about presets by watching the movie “Creating, Organizing and Backing Up Your Presets.”

Additional LOOKs can be purchased by clicking the Buy More button in the Presets area.

This completes our examination of the LOOKs controls, be sure to watch more of our videos to understand all of Perfectly Clear’s adjustments.